Income and Expense Ledger

This is a simplified accounting record used to document business transactions. An entrepreneur using this form of tax settlement accounts for all revenues from sales and other income. Simultaneously, they record purchases of goods and materials and expenses related to running the business, such as wages, office and administrative costs, and other expenses specified in the regulations.

Who maintains the Income and Expense Ledger?

  • Sole proprietors,
  • Civil partnerships,
  • General partnerships,
  • Professional partnerships.

What do we do as part of managing KPiR accounting?

  • Ongoing recording of business transactions,
  • Maintaining VAT records,
  • Managing the register of fixed assets and equipment,
  • Preparing VAT or VAT-EU declarations,
  • Income tax settlements,
  • Preparing annual tax returns (PIT-36, PIT-36L, PIT-28, PIT-8A, PIT-11),
  • Checking documents for formal and accounting accuracy,
  • Handling personnel matters.